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Procreate, Giulia Digital Ink Watercolor Painting

Hello Artists, and Welcome back again on my Art channel :)

Are you doing out there ? Is everything good ?

I wish you the best all time :)

During last months, I worked hard to made a couple of Brush Set for Procreate in iPad, and because I used to work in traditional watercolor technique, I tried to create those Brush Set oriented in that direction.

In this particular Artwork and painting, I mixed my Ink Brush Set and the Watercolor Brush set, and I painted on a Procreate canvas made by me, with a realistic Digital Watercolor Paper.

I did all of this, just to tey to transfer the feeling about Painting on traditional Watercolor Technique, in Digital as well.

I didn't join Digital Art for years, but actually, as an Artist, I can't avoid that.

I definitely won't stop to Paint on traditional paper, canvas and get real dirty colors on my hands, but I also think anyone needs to improve, and try new mediums and techniques.

Procreate is a stunning App to Paint and Draw, and give me the opportunity to extend my Art Portfolio

Also, because I'm a Photographer as well, I know how to setup the Artwork to be printed in Fine Art High Resolution.

Here I'll show you the final print of that artwork as well.

I really hope you are going to like this Painting, this Video Tutorial, and the Final Result Printed on physical Paper.

Thank you so much to follow me, support me and my Art.

Nero di Venere


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