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Procreate iPad Tool - Watercolor Brush Set V.4

Hello Artists

How are you ?!

Everything is good ? as usual I wish you the best all the time :)

So, welcome back again to my channel, and today I'm really excited to share with you my new Watercolor Brush Set V.4 made for Procreate.

As you probably know Procreate is one of the best (actually in my honest opinion is the best app to paint on iPod), so this is why I concentrated my focus in this app, because I think the brush studio inside the application is absolutely phenomenal to create a specific technical brush.

This Watercolor Brush Set V.4, is a little bit different compared to the Watercolor Brush Set V.3, but I think I tried to make new different brushes to paint in procreate exactly like you feel to paint on real paper.

NOTE: I have also create a Realistic Watercolor Paper Canvas for Procreate


If you are interested in this tool, you can check here down below, or check my Gumroad Online Shop to get more info

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