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Procreate Tool - Realistic Watercolor Paper

Hello Artists, How are you !?

Everything is all right ? I wish you the best all the time ;)

Today I want to share with you, another tool I've created for Procreate on iPad, and actually this tool changed my way to create my illustrations.

Because I love to paint in traditional Watercolor Technique, get a background on Procreate during painting in watercolor, make me feel the sensation to paint on Realistic watercolor Paper

In fact I scanned all my different Real Watercolor Paper, at 600dpi, cold pressed, hot pressed, rough (my favourite), matte, and the I added some layer with some strange effect, like paper powder, bristles, etc to improve the final result.

You will get a canvas "ready to go" (in this case, ready to paint..;) ), so you could start o paint immediately.

I realized a Demo Video, so you can check how that work before you decide to buy or not.

NOTE: You can also check my digital portfolio, so you will see some finel Digital Painting result print as well > My Digital Portfolio


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