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Street Photography (POV) in Milan, Night and Rain

Hello Artists and Photographer..(actually for me is the same thing..)

How Are you ?

I wish you the best, always :)

Well, today I am glad to share view photo shoot in Street and Urban Style, done by me in a rainy day in Milan, so basically out of any comfort zone, and also done across the blue hour and night time.

It's 1st of November, and in Italy we just change the hours on our watches, that means. around 5 pm, we got a night time.

Yes you probably already know, when you shoot in the night light, any rules change completely, compared to short in the daylight.

Imagine if you add some rain..very interesting, isn't it ?

Any comfort zone is killed, but also I really think you could get the most amazing shot in that condition.

Just to get a recap about the situation, you basically don't have any control about the light around you, and also you don't have any control about what's going on around you as usual, but.... because of the low light any setting on your camera must to be re arranged.

Any pros ?! A lot.

This is the period of the year i totally love, because 5 pm you are shooting in night time, but the city is totally alive. People are leaving office, and all the shops are open ! That means you're getting busy :D

Rain ? oh fantastic ! double light ! yes.... you actually got reflections ! and this is the reason you got double light.

Probably you'll get in trouble to hold the camera, with umbrella or poncho, not really comfortable, I agree, but I definitely think it worth, because you could get a stunning result. Just imagine a massive mirror on the floor. I can talk hours about that, but I think the video down below, can be more descriptive compare to any other words.

I jut leave you some of my camera settings. I really like to shoot full manual +Auto Focus, and I can understand most of the people in Street Photography like to shoot in aperture priority, but as I said before, in the night time, all rules is going to change.

  • Shutter speed: 1/125 or above, I usually like to able to freeze the scene

  • Aperture: f1.4 / f2 or above, it depends of the lights in the scene.

  • Iso: 800 or above, I usually stay around 1.250 / 2.000, it depends of the lights and by your sensor invariance

Please have a look about the invariance of the sensor based on your camera. There is a lot of articles and explanation about it, on the net.

Right, I've already talk too much and I don't want to get you bored, so I leave you watch the video and I really hope you'll like it.

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