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Watercolor Ink Portrait

Hello Artists how is going over there?!

Welcome back to my channel.

Today I'm really happy to share with you, how I realised this watercolour and ink portrait of my friend Liza.

This time I used a Fountain Pen instead a traditional nib pen and an black ink pot.

Recently I switched to use a Fountain pen, with a different kind of final tips, and I feel more comfortable because I don't have to come back into the ink pot every minute, to carry on fresh ink.

Anyway I have used ink pen for a long time so I still love painting with that, but using a Fountain Pen save me a lot of time. I have just to think about painting, and also I don't have any issue like dry ink and lines interrupted. As you can see from the video down below I started from an Instagram story picture as reference image, uploaded from Liza, and then I made it simple with just a thin lines sketch.

The first rough sketch was done with on HP mechanical pencil, to get a very light reference drawing, before put the ink on top, because I assuming when you add ink to the paper there is no way to correct any mistakes.

On top of the sketch, I added some calligraphic words, Lyrics and poem, to get a interesting final result.

At the end of the process about ink sketch, I decided to add some watercolor, in wet on wet technique just to make the final result more vibrant and colorful.

Recap of Materials

  • Cold pressed Arches Watercolor Paper

  • Fountain Pen middle nib

  • Carbon Ink - Black ink made for Fountain Pen

  • Mechanical HB Pencil

  • M.Graham and Schmincke Watercolor Tubes

  • Escoda Versatil - Synthetic Kolinsky Brush

I will let to see the video, and the final result, and please feel free to contact me to any further details, or just to send me a question, or a commission, would be great to be in touch with you.

Thank you so much to support me and my Art.

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